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We are an energy generation and distribution company, engineering, construction and implementation of renewable energy projects

Our brand

The TB PLUS Brand represents products of the highest quality, manufactured with the best world standards, which is reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction and the total guarantees that we give on them, applied to innovative solutions and added value of alliances and sustainability

Our values


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We are a company that manufactures and markets electrical equipment and appliances and implements renewable energy projects, guaranteeing a timely, adequate and economical solution to the needs and expectations of all our clients

We have international suppliers, both parts and finished products, an infrastructure based on quality and continuous improvement, with a highly trained human team committed to service and customers.


By the year 2025, we will be leaders in the implementation of projects and commercialization of equipment for the generation and storage of solar energy, with a Tb Plus brand recognized in the sector for its continuous innovation and quality in an international market, maintaining a level of improvement and continuous excellence, to exceed the expectations of our customers

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