Experts in the dimensioning, projection and execution of projects and solar plants

Charge and use cell phones, tablets, laptops or any electronic equipment outdoors and save energy IT IS POSSIBLE!

Every day electric mobility is more common in our society, move forward with us and BE A PART OF IT!



Installation and corrective preventive maintenance in UPS equipment

Leaders in portable Power distribution

Solar Plants

We have two types of ONDRID and OFFGRID Saving Solar Plants depending on your needs

Solar heaters

Water energy captures the thermal energy of the Sun to heat the water you use at home.

Solar Picnic Table

We have the industrial design patent for 10 years
(2017-2027) of the Solar Picnic Table.

Other services

We are your supplier in maintenance and installation projects for photovoltaic solar projects

Electrification of isolated homes

Industrial Installations Solar Energy


Our clients

We are a provider par excellence in the supply chain to third parties and the industry with value-added services

Our Dealers

We have


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